About Us

As MEYSA Transportation Services, it organizes road transportation with 55 tented, optima, mega and maxima self-owned vehicles with its professional staff and experience of more than 25 years in the sector. Our company carries out mutual and regular complete, partial, groupage, gauge and ADR class cargo transportations between Turkey and Europe within the scope of CMR Insurance Guarantee, and provides intermediate transportation, storage and consultancy services with its strong agency network in Europe. It stands out in the sector with its quality service approach, especially in the Italian line.

As the MEYSA family, it continues to provide service by prioritizing customer satisfaction without compromising its quality, honest service understanding with its experience in the sector and its expert staff. Our company provides services in coordination with its own export warehouse and contracted warehouses affiliated to Istanbul Customs.

MEYSA has the C-2 Authorization Certificate and monitors its high technology and environmentally friendly Euro 5 normed vehicles with the Satellite (satellite tracking) system and shares information quickly and reliably.
All our vehicles and warehouses are suitable for dangerous goods handling (ADR) and storage.

Meysa Privileges

We have been working devotedly for 25 years in order to achieve trust, speed, quality and agility at the same time in the globalizing world and to take the service we offer to our customers one step further.

We know that everything starts with confidence, we meet our customers’ requests in the best way and with the best timing.

Excellent Customer Experience


We have been with our customers for more than 25 years with the understanding of “perfect customer experience”. In order to maximize customer satisfaction, we increase our productivity with new technologies and ensure that they reach quality service at an affordable price.

Quality and Innovation


Since the first day we set off, we have been moving forward without compromising our understanding of quality. We support our quality with the understanding of continuous innovation and make it sustainable. We develop proactive solutions for the changing needs of our customers.



We build our relationships with our customers on mutual trust. We believe that MEYSA quality and trust are the basis of the long business relationships we have established in the sector.

Center Office

Küçükbakkalköy, Kayışdağı St.. 119/3 Ataşehir – İstanbul


+90 (216) 420 69 79